Residential Home Renovations & Remodels in Colorado Springs

Custom home renovations and remodels are a wonderful opportunity to bring your dream Colorado Springs home to life. 

Our homes are for relaxing, unwinding, and entertaining friends and families. They are a reflection of our personal taste and the conveniences we value. Each person has a vision of how they would want their home to be like. 

For those that do not get to build their home from the ground up, home renovations and remodels are a great way to upgrade their existing property into their dream home. The first place to start with any remodel, or custom home renovation process is to start by searching, and finding, a home renovation and improvement contractions near me in Colorado Springs. 

While residential remodeling work usually involves heavy lifting, it can be a delightful experience as the old starts to transition into new. It can involve working on a variety of areas including changing floor tiles, updating bathrooms, extending living areas, and so on. Some changes can take a matter of hours while others take several weeks. Whether a big or small remodeling project, the goal is always to improve the client’s home based on their preferences.

At Bob McGrath Construction in Colorado Springs, we pride ourselves on being one of the top home renovation and addition contractions “near me” in Colorado Springs. We have a strong appreciation for superior workmanship and place an emphasis on quality results that exceed the expectations of our clients. We are a local Colorado Springs construction company with some of the top remodeling contractors in the industry. Therefore, we have cultivated an extensive network of remodeling, new buildings, commercial contacts, and more, within the local industry. From cabinetry to HVAC systems, we can undertake all manner of residential remodeling work. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to conceptualize designs that are a true reflection of their deepest desires.

Budgeting is one of our primary concerns. This is why our team works with our clients to arrive at project outlines that help stay within their budget but still achieve their design goals. For major renovation work that may require permits, we advise homeowners on how to abide by regulations. We are familiar with local building codes and ensure that our clients do not run afoul of the law.

Whatever specialist service your home renovation in Colorado Springs project needs that we do not already have within our internal local construction team, we subcontract to local construction professionals and general contractors in Colorado Springs with similar experience and level of expertise. This is important as some jobs do require a licensed professional. We vet all our subcontractors to ensure they have the requisite skills and can deliver the same high standard of service and craftsmanship as we do. This also helps reduce the strain on our clients in having to look for other contractors on their own.

Our network of general contractors and construction professional contacts also allows us to source for materials at highly competitive rates. We are familiar with all the top brands and suppliers in the region. Our crews have been trained by many of these top companies on how to safely and effectively handle their materials and parts. We use this knowledge to ensure our projects are completed to perfection.

Rest assured we will take care of your Colorado Springs residential property as if it were our own. Our crews tidy up after each workday and at the end of the project, delivering the final results in as pristine a condition as possible. 

If you are ready to finally make those improvements to your home that you have always dreamed about, our team at Bob McGrath Construction is enthusiastic to get started.

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