Commercial Construction – New Builds

An investment in the construction of a commercial property is often rife with many considerations. Each project requires its own unique approach in design and execution. 

At BMC, we have years of experience carrying out commercial builds of various sizes and styles. From manufacturing warehouses and retail outlets to medical clinics and schools, we are capable of undertaking a wide variety of projects.

We are a one-stop-shop for commercial builds, offering design, costing, and construction services in-house. We work with professionals in specialty areas such as surveying, architecture, and engineering to ensure that the standard of work fulfills the needs set out by our clients and meets building codes. 

Although if you have your own experts on hand, we are happy to work in conjunction with them in any area. So whether you are starting from scratch on your project or have already begun some preliminary work, we can still step in as contractors when you need us.

Our BMC teams are dedicated to ensuring that work schedules are adhered to, with every aspect of the project completed to the highest standard. We stand by the quality of our work and have an extensive track record in delivering the best quality results. Our vast experience and strong partnerships with suppliers ensure that lead times are shortened and deadlines are met.

We work hard to streamline our projects so every task scheduled is executed on time, with a goal of meeting project deadlines as outlined in the construction work plan. From site evaluation and feasibility studies to clean up and handover, we keep tasks tightly organized and adhering to cost estimates. We consider budgeting issues to be vital and provide our clients with estimates that are as precise as possible. As major contractors in the region, we make use of our strong bargaining position to enable our clients to access construction materials and equipment at the most competitive prices in the market.

Our team members are expertly trained by all major brand manufacturers of specialized construction materials and building equipment such as HVAC systems. We consult with clients on which configurations will best suit their projects and understand how best to perform installations. We strongly advocate for highly rated energy-efficient technologies that help to minimize repair costs, and reduce utility and operating expenses. Not only will this contribute to environmental conservation, but it will also ensure compliance with legal regulations.

The relationships we cultivate with clients are not just for the duration of new construction work. After the construction is complete we offer a variety of extensive services that allow us to continue our partnership and provide associated services our clients have come to appreciate. 

Some of these services include:

  •   Tenant improvements
  •   Remodeling
  •   Building additions
  •   Exterior renovations
  •   Building occupancy changes

As tenants change, so do their needs, calling for additional services to meet the demands. At BMC, we can help make whatever changes or updates that will allow our commercial property owner clients to enjoy maximum occupancy levels.

Get in touch with us to consult on your next commercial new build or additional services that will keep your property highly sought after.