Commercial Tenant Improvements

As businesses expand, rise and fall, commercial properties often find themselves faced with new demands. 

Unlike residential properties, commercial spaces are often left as blank slates that can be adapted to whatever needs the tenant business has. This is why sometimes there are buildings that look as if they should be a supermarket but now act as a bank.

However, the changes that need to be made to suitably meet the needs of new tenants can vary greatly. These changes may be major or minor for the interior or exterior, but with any commercial tenant improvement project there is an obligation to ensure there are no long term structural issues for the owner. 

At BMC, we understand the challenges that can come with creating new properties. We  provide a wide variety of services that cater to the needs of different businesses. We have worked on multiple tenant improvement projects ranging from medical facilities to major retailers. We undertake a variety of works including alteration, expansion, and division.

We offer a streamline design-build service that works with both the property owner and tenant to ensure that the work meets all expectations. We begin with pre-construction consultations that help us outline the work that needs to be accomplished. We work on conceptualizing the client’s vision of what the space should look like and how it should function.

Once this planning and design are done, we begin to organize the necessary materials and skilled experts to execute the project. All interior, exterior, and structural upgrades are carefully undertaken to ensure a useful economic life that should easily surpass a standard lease period of 5-10 years. 

During the planning and design process, our team works with our clients to establish a budget and a timeline. By developing a budget and timeline we are able to ensure maximum value and results for the project at hand. We understand that adhering to schedules is vital in allowing tenant businesses to launch. Traditionally, client’s like to announce opening dates in advance, and to allow businesses to follow through with these announcements we always stick to our schedules to ensure that in the end customers are never disappointed. 

After the teams are assembled, the designs are drawn up, and the schedules and budgets are set we’re ready to hit the ground running. Our crews are made up of technicians and professionals in a variety of areas within the construction industry. Whether your project involves some simple carpentry skills or calls for electrical work, we can surely find you the expertise you need.

Let our team at BMC guide you through whatever facilities and amenities you need to set up your business. If you already have an operational workplace and simply need some updates or repairs, we can also take care of that, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations. Get in touch with us if changing tenants or upgrading your business premises is something you and your business are in need of.

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