Residential New Construction

For many people, the path to homeownership is through new construction. 

Having the opportunity and capability to build your home exactly the way you want it, from the ground up, can be the most fulfilling of experiences. Right from the location of the house, to the layout, and construction, these homeowners get to enjoy full control.

When comparing a new construction to buying a readymade house that you may need to upgrade or remodel to achieve what you want, new constructions offer homeowners the chance to get it right the first time. Also, it is a prospect to learn more about construction work and all the activities that lead to execution. Even when you already have a lot of land to work with, there is much to consider. From utility connections to road access and gradient of the land, many factors will need to be considered in picking out the spot for the construction of the home and its design.

At BMC, we have worked on many residential new construction projects and are always happy to consult with new clients on how to begin the process. We help evaluate the property to be built upon and provide design services for custom homes. We believe that every family is unique with different needs and tastes. We take this into consideration when developing custom designs that will reflect this individuality. We focus on ensuring both indoor and outdoor living comforts and conveniences are accounted for.

Our team works hard to achieve a balance in our clients’ design preferences and their budget. Thankfully, our vast experience and many connections within the construction business mean that we are aware of the many alternatives and recommend whatever adjustments that will ensure budgetary guidelines are met. We strive to ensure maximum value for money in all areas. Our team at BMC will formulate a detailed construction work plan that will provide clients with a guide as to our actions as the project progresses.

Having worked locally for many years, we are knowledgeable when it comes to all matters related to community, terrain, and building codes. Our construction crews are duly licensed, bonded, and work in tandem with other industry professionals to fulfill all aspects of new home constructions. We deal with reputable suppliers for our materials to ensure the best quality results. For any work that requires a subcontractor, we undertake to find a suitable expert so our clients do not have to. In this way, we can continually supervise the quality of work and ensure the standard of finish and functionality meets our clients’ expectations.

We understand that for many homeowners building a house is a labor of love. We welcome visits to the site to keep tabs on progress and where needed, make adjustments that will ultimately lead our clients to satisfaction. There is no better feeling than closing on a project that more than meets the hopes and expectations of our clients. Not only does that allow us to take pride in our work, but it is also a valuable selling point that has seen us enjoy much referral business from homeowners delighted to show off our craftsmanship. Just as with other successfully completed projects, you can expect the completion of a family home that will make for many years of wonderful memories.