…”More impressive than his construction knowledge and his ability to turn out a quality product is the integrity and honesty of Bob McGrath Construction, LLC. We never feel like we are being taken advantage of or that we are receiving tainted and inaccurate information. Peace of mind during a construction or remodel project is a valuable commodity.”… -Mike Rolla, Engineering Manager, the Broadmoor Hotel, LLC

“Construction, at any level, is daunting, but with Bob McGrath, it was unbelievably fun. Bob has a great team and a great sense of humor, so at every step of the way, we felt informed and confident. As we tell friends, it’s not often that you do a construction project that is brought to completion under budget and ahead of time… and that you enjoyed! We would recommend Bob with absolutely no hesitation.” – Nechie and Jim Hall

“Bob McGrath Construction did a complete remodel on our house and added about 4,500 square feet. We had a good feeling about Bob from the start and his hands-on approach was welcoming. If any problem came up, it was addressed immediately because he kept in daily contact with his employees and us. The quality of work was extremely high and we are very satisfied with the results. We have already recommended Bob McGrath Construction to several people who are just as pleased as we are.” – Jenny and Pat Mika

Thank you so much for everything you’ve done to help me over the last year. You guys have done anything and everything I’ve asked or needed help with, including having impeccable timing! I’ve appreciated your willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done for us.” – Amy Bailey, RN, Operations Manager, Surgical Center of Peak Endoscopy