Classic Update

Designer: Homeowner

When homeowners first purchased this residence they had grand visions of a space beautiful enough to host their daughter’s wedding. To accomplish this, the kitchen was relocated and an addition was added to the back of the home. Three french doors were incorporated to connect living space to outdoors. Entertaining possibilities were expanded with the addition of a covered patio and a brick wood-burning fireplace. Walls were opened throughout the home without sacrificing history or character. A neutral color palette kept the home fresh and updated, while finishes in dark accents provided stunning contrast. The finished product was elegant, elevated and entertaining euphoria.

French Tudor

Designer: Katie Gonzales

The original residence was redesigned by well renowned architect Mark Nelson in 2005 and still had stunning architectural details. But, when homeowners walked through the property the first time they had to use their creativity to envision their family in the space. Dark accents were given a face lift, carpeting was replaced with hardwood, and the flooring was given a new earthy stain. Beautiful existing woodwork in the house was complimented with more trim and accents to bring it into the next era, but still honoring the house’s roots. The kitchen was given an overhaul with walls opened up, new cabinets, stunning fixtures and two islands that are the centerpiece for more than just conversation. The end product is a truly a work of art, but one that even the little hands and feet in the home can enjoy.

Modern Art Remodel

Architect: Mark Tremmell

Designer: Rich Schell

Downsizing was turned upscale with this modernized renovation of a condo. The kitchen was transformed into a figurative gallery – the island becoming a showpiece in the kitchen. Cabinets and colors lend to clean lines and minimalism throughout the residence. Tranquility and stunning aesthetics were achieved in the master bath with a sleek free standing tub surrounded by a custom frosted glass shoji screen. The foyer was modernized and niches were created to showcase favorite pieces. The condo drew inspiration from art, and in the end it truly became a work of art itself.

Dutch Colonial

This beautiful Dutch Colonial was brought into the current era with a remodel that opened spaces, and a sizeable addition. In the existing house, spaces were reconfigured, walls opened up, and spaces optimized. The addition included a generous new floor plan with a large kitchen, living room, guest room, bathroom, second stairway, and large media room. A three car garage was also added that created functionality, but stayed true to the architectural style and integrity of the home. In the backyard a beautiful second story balcony and covered porch echoed traditional elements.

Craftsman Bungalow Remodel