Excellence for Historically Compatible New Construction – 24 Broadmoor

The residence at 24 Broadmoor has undergone many changes from its humble roots in the beginning. It has passed through many owners over the years, and each has left their mark and place in history. With each new step forward the home has grown in stature, and seems to draw from important architectural influences in the area. Elements of the Penrose Home and even the Broadmoor Hotel can easily be spotted in the architecture. This is the perfect example of how history can mold and shape for the better, while still holding on to, and being respectful of its roots. This house has adapted and now thrives in the current era.24-broadmoor-historical-house-photo

The most recent of renovations and for which we pursue recognition for Compatible New Construction includes converting existing garage space into usable square footage, adding a new 2-car garage, creating and closing off a courtyard, installing detailed Spanish style wrought iron new windows and doors throughout the home, and extensive interior renovations.

Because the house had undergone such extensive facelifts in the past, the focus was on bringing this home into it’s new place in history where it will stand for many more decades, while always maintaining the utmost respect for its roots. The new garage addition blends seamlessly with the home, and finishes throughout the home function for contemporary life, but pay homage to the era in which the home was created. At the end of the project it is virtually impossible to decipher the old from the new, and the new enhances the old. While the home may not have been originally created by a prestigious turn of the century architect, it has risen to the occasion and is now a pillar in the community.

* Please note 24 Broadmoor was historically 6 Bertha Circle. It changed to it’s current address in 1973. Bertha Circle and Berthe Circle are used interchangeably in historical records, with the earliest records using Bertha Circle and evolving over time to presently known Berthe Circle.

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