In starting a blog for an (amazing!) construction company this question has surfaced numerous times: What would you write about?

Answer: everything under the sun – related to construction, of course.

I guess this year’s hottest fashion trends – unless they happen to be displayed in an enormous custom created closet – are probably not relevant.

Beauty tips will fall by the waste side (most of our crews wouldn’t even begin to understand this genre), but they do certainly have the knowledge to install that freestanding tub you have been ogling, or that spa-like however, you have on your idea board on houzz, or that handcrafted vanity you are dying to have installed as a statement piece. Also off-limits are recipes and cooking tips, but you might find a rant and rave about our superior kitchens and drool over the ranges and equipment that any chef would dream about. And while we’re successful at so many things, we won’t be giving out financial advice – unless it pertains to how you can add value to your home through renovations.

That almost certainly means parenting tips won’t be found here. BUT, the design, building, execution, and remodeling of a beautiful, stunning home perfect for little feet to roam and grow up in might surface from time to time. Community events, places to dine, the best of Colorado Springs – also not our area of expertise – unless you are talking about our numerous remodels on Broadmoor Hotel elite restaurants such as the Golden Bee, or the Broadmoor Hotel itself, or the exciting project currently underway at the historic Broadmoor Manor (actually, we might be able to go on for a while here…Cloud Camp, Fly Fishing School, the Ranch at Emerald Valley… but we don’t want to lose any readers in our first posting.) Go ahead and keep your subscription to the business journal for your practice, but when it comes time to update, we’ll help you take your practice to another level with a new build or tenant finish.

As it turns out, we can, and will have plenty of substance to begin, maintain, and possibly even hook a few readers with our blog. That’s because of construction impacts every detail of your life on a day to day basis, from the house you live in, to your place of work and more. And better construction means a better quality of living. And that’s what we’re excited to share with you.