Why Are Home Renovation Projects Surging?

Why Are Home Renovation Projects Surging?Have you been looking around your Colorado Springs home and feeling like it might be time for a change? Well, you’re not alone!In fact, home renovation projects are surging all across the country. Whether you’re moving, remodeling or changing your interior design, the COVID-19 pandemic has created a boom in the [...]

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5 Questions You Should Ask Your Colorado Springs Renovation General Contractor Before Hiring Them

Your real estate property is a huge investment.  Regardless of if it’s your primary residence, a rental property, or just a property you bought to acquire interest, updating a rental property can make or break your overall real estate property profits.  This is why when you’re planning on your upcoming renovation project it’s important to [...]

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Why You Should Hire an Architect — Having a Design Build Advantage

So you’re thinking about building a dream house, new office, adding to your backyard, or simply taking on a construction project — but you don’t know where to start.  At Bob McGrath Construction we suggest starting with any of our architects in Colorado Springs. However, we understand hiring an architect can seem like a big [...]