DIY or Remodeling Construction Company in Colorado Springs For Home Renovations?

The launch of Pinterest and home DIY renovation bloggers have a lot of people biting off more than they can chew when it comes to remodeling their homes.  If you’re trying to accomplish a few home renovation projects remodeling construction companies can make your life easier, but DIY may feel better on your wallet.  Here [...]

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Why You Should Hire an Architect — Having a Design Build Advantage

So you’re thinking about building a dream house, new office, adding to your backyard, or simply taking on a construction project — but you don’t know where to start.  At Bob McGrath Construction we suggest starting with any of our architects in Colorado Springs. However, we understand hiring an architect can seem like a big [...]


Bob McGrath Construction built a reputation for remodeling historic homes in Colorado Spring’s Broadmoor neighborhood. By Tim O’Connor When Bob McGrath was a 38-year-old in the construction industry, his clients were in their 50s. Now that McGrath has reached that age his clients are in their 30s, the result of a wave of younger people [...]

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What Would You Write About in a Construction Blog?

In starting a blog for an (amazing!) construction company this question has surfaced numerous times: What would you write about? Answer: everything under the sun – related to construction, of course. I guess this year’s hottest fashion trends – unless they happen to be displayed in an enormous custom created closet – are probably [...]

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