Broadmoor Letter of Recomendation

June 11, 2014

To whom it may concern:

The Broadmoor Hotel has utilized the services of Bob McGrath and his company Bob McGrath Construction, LLC for over ten years. Mr. McGrath was introduced originally to the Broadmoor while he was a lead superintendent for Mortenson Construction Company during the remodel and reconstruction of the hotel’s Main Hotel.

Due to his organization, planning, tracking, and construction knowledge of the Mortenson project it was a logical decision to enter into a professional relationship with Mr. McGrath when he began the Bob McGrath Construction company.

Mr. McGrath’s skills are far ranging as demonstrated in the well over fifty projects his company has performed at the Broadmoor Hotel. His background is a skilled carpenter but, his knowledge of overall construction is most impressive. Projects which fall into place are many but, a true test of the knowledge and skills of Mr. McGrath are best noted when a project’s scope becomes difficult due to unknown conditions or circumstances. One such project was to be a simple remodel of an employee locker room/ bathroom in the Main Hotel. It was an eight week project in duration and as the walls and ceilings came down it was apparent that the original blue prints were going to be of little use as over many years several unnoted changes had occurred. Mr. McGrath was able to regroup his workforce, realign his schedule, reevaluate the now known conditions and due to his many years in the construction field was able to turn the project on time and on budget. The Broadmoor saw this as no small feat.

More impressive than his construction knowledge and his ability to turn out a quality product is the integrity and honesty of Bob McGrath Construction, LLC. We never feel like we are being taken advantage of or that we are receiving tainted and inaccurate information. Peace of mind during a construction or remodel project is a valuable commodity.

It is with total confidence in the Bob McGrath Construction Company that we endorse and recommend Bob McGrath and his company to anyone or any organization searching for a quality and honest contractor.


Mike Rolla,

Engineering Manager

The Broadmoor Hotel, LLC