Architectural Design

For every new construction, there is a need for architectural services. 

These architectural services require a series of architectural professionals to bring new buildings to life. Architect professionals start off by discovering their clients’ needs, visions, hopes and dreams for their new construction. Within the conceptualization process architects will not only design layouts and aesthetics they also unveil local building laws, and any other state regulations along with design needs and wants. This expertise is invaluable to property investors who dream of making their dreams a reality. It is critical that property investors choose to consult professionals who understand all the nuances associated with creating building structures. 

At BMC, we have expanded our primary services to include architectural work so we are able to deliver a comprehensive process to our clients. Traditionally, property investors will recruit their own architects before hiring a contractor. However, even with good working relationships, there can often be incidents of disconnect and misunderstanding that can take place when working outside of their primary contractor company. This can lead to delays that can shift deadlines and affect costing.

We have stepped up our services by providing our clients with access to in-house-professional-architectural services. We provide a team of design professionals that are led by our architect. Each team member is well versed in the various styles of construction ranging from the modern to the traditional and everything in between. The design team members work in tandem with one another, other professionals (including surveyors and engineers) and the rest of BMC employees, so there is easy consultation with colleagues. This results in faster completion of tasks and closer project monitoring, which will expedite your construction and help your budget. Whether it is a residential home or commercial property, we have the best-skilled construction professionals on hand to guide you right from the design point to completion. 

Our architects and design team members are dedicated to clearly understanding the aesthetics and functionality our clients desire. This is always kept in mind throughout the construction period, with close supervision to ensure the design requirements are met. If at any point a change must be made, our architects will ensure it does not interfere with the desired outcome, while still liaising with the client.

Our team at BMC is committed to delivering maximum client satisfaction and quality results. Our design-build approach has helped alleviate many of the stresses associated with construction projects for investors by making just one entity responsible for the work. 

Overall, our team is staffed with all the necessary construction specialists providing a one-stop-service for clients. With no space for communication breakdowns or delays, we have been able to deliver a more streamlined service to our clients with just one point of contact they can rely on for all information concerning their build project.

We invite you to review our gallery of past projects to understand the scope of work we are capable of. Our dedicated team of architects, contractors, and technicians provide a full complement of construction services that you can exploit for whatever size and type of build project you are planning. Get in touch with us for a consultation on any of our services.